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Key California factions pushing for workers’ compensation reform

The standards and process of workers’ compensation have been in effect for over a century, but as times change the standards must as well. This process is a complex push-and-pull between unions, employers and other relevant factions like medical care providers and insurers.

In California, these major reforms to workers’ compensation happen every ten years or so. As CalMatters reports, there are several pressures happening right now to spur on the next big revision.

Presumption extensions

One aspect of workers’ compensation in California today is the ability to claim benefits for specific illnesses or injuries without having to prove whether or not their workspace is at fault. Police and firefighters may claim compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder as a presumed, job-related symptom. The Governor recently extended this presumption to other dispatchers for public safety agencies.

Complicated data

While unions push for more workers’ rights and medical access, employers seek to curb runaway costs from premiums on workers’ compensation insurance.

Some push for a decennial reform now, but California’s Governor urges patience as more data pours in from more than 25 million disability claims in the last couple of years.

Workers’ compensation preparation

Though workers have been able to rely on workers’ compensation for decades, it is still vital to understand how certain changes affect certain industries and employees. Even cases of repetitive stress and trauma may qualify. When victims of workplace injuries or illness seek medical compensation, it is important for them to identify evidence supporting their claim, what types of benefits there are, and how best to pursue them.