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The Importance Of Following Medical Advice After A Workplace Injury

The aftermath of a workplace injury can be difficult, at best – and it is easy to get discouraged with treatment when there is no clear sign of progress. However, it is critically important to follow your workers’ compensation doctor’s medical guidance as closely as possible.

At Kiwan & Chambers, APC, our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience guiding our San Diego clients through complex issues with their California workers’ compensation claims. We also focus on educating our clients about how to best protect their interests during this time.

Following Your Doctor’s Directions Is Key To A Successful Outcome

Following medical advice after a work injury is crucial for several reasons:

  • You need proper medical care: It can take time for the full picture of your medical condition to emerge.
  • You can prevent complications: Ignoring medical advice can lead to complications such as infections, prolonged pain or worsening of the injury.
  • You can avoid further injury: Disregarding your doctor’s advice can lead to exacerbation or aggravation of your existing injuries, or even lead to new injuries.
  • You reduce the risk of permanent disability: In many cases, recovery from an injury involves rehabilitation exercises or physical therapy. Following these recommendations helps restore strength, flexibility and function, reducing the risk of long-term impairments.
  • Your progress can be monitored: Even a lack of progress in healing is significant since that can show your condition’s severity.
  • You protect your workers’ compensation claim: Failure to adhere to recommended treatments may affect your ability to obtain or keep your workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are unhappy with the medical care you are receiving, our lawyers can help you understand your options.

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