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Workplace Injuries To The Back Can Be Severe And Devastating

Many injured people at work are often told to “toughen up” or “walk it off.” This attitude can be pervasive among managers, business owners and even other employees. This approach can be incredibly destructive for the victims of workplace back injuries. Whether you were injured by a fall, repetitive motion injury or some other circumstances, please take the health of your back seriously. The consequences of failing to get proper treatment and rehabilitation can be catastrophic to a person’s health.

At Kiwan & Chambers, APC, we have decades of experience helping clients obtain workers’ compensation benefits in the San Diego area. Our lawyers have a strong track record of success, and they know how the California workers’ compensation system works. You can get immediate help in a free consultation. Please call us at 619-369-3504 to schedule your consultation.

Back Injury Victims Deserve Ample Time And Resources To Recover

Many people assume that having a severe back injury is just a normal part of getting older. This attitude is prevalent in industries that involve manual labor or lifting heavy materials. The unfortunate truth is that while back problems are more common as a person ages, a workplace back injury is often made worse because people refuse to get proper treatment.

Our staff has seen the pressure that injured workers face when they file a workers’ compensation claim related to a back injury. We know that employees are often worried about retaliation or being fired from their job because they tried to assert their right to get workers’ compensation. Our aggressive staff is ready to stand up for workers with injured backs and get them the compensation they deserve.

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