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Can you maintain your job through a temporary disability?

A temporary disability may prevent you from doing your job, but you might still desire to keep your role. Whether or not you can reasonably maintain your responsibilities will require collaboration with your employer.

Knowing some strategies for safekeeping your job despite the circumstances may improve the likelihood of you continuing to work through recovery.

Define your disability

Be forthcoming in discussing your condition with your employer. Describe your symptoms and how they impact your ability to work. Share information from your health care provider about the timeline of your recovery. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, temporary disability can impact anything from communication and hearing to vision and movement. Defining your disability can give your employer context about what the future looks like.

Express your intentions

Talk to your employer about your desire to maintain your job. Ask about your options, which may include a temporary change in roles, modified responsibilities, or a hybrid or remote work schedule. You can even suggest solutions of your own to show your commitment to keeping your job.

Communicate your progress

Readily inform your employer of any progress you make during your recovery. Improvements might allow you to gradually resume your obligations throughout your recovery. Collaborate with your doctor and your employer to determine when you can safely and reasonably return to full capacity.

If your temporary disability resulted from a workplace injury, your employer should provide support via workers’ compensation benefits. Still, it is important to express your desire to maintain your job.