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Will you hurt your workers’ compensation claim if you leave your job?

California employers face a legal obligation to provide workers’ compensation coverage. Businesses must have coverage even with only one employee. This coverage helps you offset costs associated with a workplace injury, including medical bills and lost work time. If you suffer an injury at work, you might wonder what happens if you file a workers’ compensation claim and then quit your job.

The effect of quitting your job varies depending on the type of compensation you receive.

Medical coverage

Workers’ compensation covers any medical bills associated with your injury even if you leave your job. The presumption is that your treatment costs do not change because you quit. That means you face no obligation to remain employed in your current role even if you still have treatments and recovery ahead of you.

Disability benefits

If your workers’ compensation benefits include disability payments, consider the situation carefully before you leave your job. Temporary disability benefits remain active only as long as you remain employed as the intention of temporary disability is to offset lost income until you return to your job. Permanent disability, on the other hand, is typically unaffected by a change in your employment status because a permanent disability is long-term without an expectation of full recovery.

Workers’ compensation benefits are an important part of any workplace injury recovery process. When you find yourself considering resignation after your injury, consider these facts before you decide. The more you understand about how it can affect your workers’ compensation claim, the easier it is to choose.