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How does temporary disability work?

Temporary disability is one option when you suffer an injury that prevents you from working. It can help replace lost wages and ensure that you are able to stay financially stable until you fully recover.

Temporary disability provides lost wages payments while you are off work due to an injury you received while on the job. You need a doctor to say that you cannot work to receive these benefits.

When payments begin

You will qualify for temporary disability payments if your doctor states that your injuries will keep you off work for at least three days. You also qualify if you are in the hospital overnight due to your injuries.

When payment ends

You will stop receiving payments once your doctor says you are no longer unable to work. Sometimes, the claims administrator will disagree with your doctor’s opinion that you cannot work. If this happens, you will have to see a qualified medical evaluator, who will assess your condition and make a determination of whether you can work.

What to expect from benefits

The benefits under temporary disability are payments of two-thirds of your average gross wages. It will pay for wages and other earnings from any income source you have, not just the job at which you suffered the injury.

Temporary disability can help you financially as you recover from a work injury by ensuring you receive some income. It is only applicable during the time you have doctor’s orders to remain off of work, and it ends once you receive clearance to go back.