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Can you go back to work during an open workers’ compensation case?

Following a workplace injury, it can take quite some time to finalize your workers’ compensation case as professionals strive to understand the extent of your injuries and the amount you should receive in a settlement. This raises the question of whether or not you can return to work while your case is still ongoing.

Before making the decision to go back to work, consider how the timing might affect your health and your pending compensation. By understanding more about these implications, you can come to the best decision.

Can you return to work if your case is still open?

It is possible to return to work during an open workers’ compensation case, and your employer might even encourage you to come back as soon as possible. However, California’s Department of Industrial Relations explains that your health is the largest priority and that you should consult with your doctor, claims administrator and legal representative before making that decision. Keep in mind that you must return to work after your doctor clears you or risk losing eligibility for compensation.

Will you still receive a settlement if you return to work early?

Returning to work before you are physically able can disqualify you from certain workers’ compensation benefits during your case. Conversely, your benefits provider might try to withhold the full extent of your compensation if you fully recover and return to work sooner than expected. If this occurs, it may be necessary to pursue legal action in recovering the settlement you deserve.

The timing of when to return to work after filing for workers’ compensation can be a delicate matter. In order to guarantee a successful recovery and secure a full settlement, you should consult with each expert advocating for you during your case.