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Shocking jobs that are at risk for repetitive stress injuries

Although most people know that typing causes repetitive stress injuries, this is not the only activity that can cause them. Yes, secretaries and other typists are a few of the most common jobs at risk, but hundreds of jobs can cause this type of injury.

Here are some of the most shocking jobs that can put your body at risk for these types of injuries.

Boat and dock workers

This job category includes fishermen and crabbers too. Repetitive casting, line maneuvers and standing for extended periods are all commonplace motions. They are also motions that cause stress injuries.

Chefs, waitstaff and bakers

All of these professions require a great deal of repetitive load-bearing movements. From the weight on a server’s arm to the motions of chopping and stirring, each of these motions can cause severe and permanent injury.

Tattoo artists

Between leaning over a client to the motion of the tattoo gun, there are multiple dangers to working as a tattoo artist. It wears on the body and can make even moving painful. Some artists are also in danger of serious spinal injuries.


Playing a musical instrument can also cause issues. From the conductor to the oboe player, every instrument requires repetitive motion. This is not only true for classical musicians; it happens to rock and pop musicians too.

Almost every profession is at risk for repetitive stress injury. If you feel any signs, have it checked out by a physician. Catching it early can save you a lot of pain later on.