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What are some common injuries related to health care work?

No matter what shift you work, you may begin to feel the strain of working in a health care job as time goes on.

Learning about the most common injuries in this field can help you if you begin to struggle to do your job or feel continual aching.

Back pain and strain

According to the National Library of Medicine, lifting heavy materials or pushing around patients can leave you with repetitive strain due to the nature of your health care job. You may need to care continually for people who cannot move without help or struggle to sit upright, which means you are constantly using your back to lift people or objects.

Long shifts mean that any small amount of pain can last longer since you are more likely to have to use your back at all times of the day.

Needle pricks and pokes

Since health care workers use many needles to draw blood or give shots, there is a high chance that you may accidentally get a puncture wound from a needle.

You may pick one up that is not properly secured or you may have to deal with a serious wound if the needle went deep into your skin. Accidentally sharing a needle can also leave you with other possible diseases and health concerns.

Neck and head injuries

After doing the same repetitive task for hours in a row, you may find that your neck and head are seriously in pain. You may also push through the initial pain to find that overexertion can make you feel even worse if you cannot take a break.

Knowing why these common problems happen can help you if you face injuries after working in the health care field.