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When is a car crash work-related?

With an influx of drivers on the road at any given time, car accidents continue to plague San Diego streets. The result may leave you injured and unable to work, which may leave you in a tight financial situation.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your crash, you may have an option to collect money during your recovery. Workers’ compensation may administer benefits if your accident resulted from a work function. Discover more about the circumstances surrounding this type of claim.

Were you commuting to work?

The rush hours before and after work often see an uptick in traffic and thus crashes. If you were unfortunate enough to deal with an accident while on your daily commute, it will not fulfill the criteria for a worker’s comp claim. The exception is if your company has agreed to pay you for mileage to and from home. Then, the act may fall under a work-related event.

Did your boss as you to run an errand?

Leaving work for a lunch break puts you off the clock. When you are doing something outside regular business hours for a personal benefit, anything that happens during that time is not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, if your boss asks you to run an errand during your personal time, and your accident occurs while performing this, it does rise to the meet the job-performance requirement of a compensation claim.

A crash of any type can set your finances back. If the events leading to the accident qualify you to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you may get back on firmer footing sooner.