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How office workers can prove their job contributes to an injury

It goes without saying that if you sustain an injury on the job, you should receive compensation. However, many office employees suffer repetitive stress injuries at work and neglect to file a claim under the impression that the situation is too minor to warrant action.

In the state of California, employees need only prove that their job is a “contributing cause” to an injury in order to receive workers’ compensation. Learning more about compensation law will help you receive the financial support you deserve in the event you become hurt at the office.

What is a contributing cause?

According to California regulations on the topic of work-relatedness, employers must consider an injury or illness to be work-related if the work environment is a cause or even a contributing factor to the condition. For example, an office worker suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can claim that the condition is work-related due to the repetitive wrist motions required when typing or performing similar tasks. This remains the case even if the individual performs similar actions off the job that also contribute to the condition.

How can I prove my job contributes to an injury?

You should collect as much evidence as possible to prove that your injury is work-related. Start by keeping accurate personal records on much time you spend performing contributing tasks. Receiving reports from a doctor that diagnose the condition and lists harmful motions is an even better course of action.

If you are one of the many California office workers suffering from a cumulative trauma injury, you might be overlooking financial compensation that you have every right to claim. It is entirely likely that your day-to-day tasks at work are contributing to a harmful condition.