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What do you know about job risks for health care workers?

While you love working in health care, you realize the industry comes with its fair share of hazards. Perhaps you feel a new ache or pain but do now know whether you sustained it on the job or off the clock.

The CDC details occupational injuries for those in the health care field. Once you know common hazards, you may have a better idea of whether you could have a worker’s compensation case to explore.

Common sources of injury

Some of the most common ways health care workers become harmed on the clock include stress, sharp injuries, violence, latex injuries, drug and chemical exposure, and back injuries. While you may think construction workers, miners and truckers work in hazardous industries, health care workers also face some of the highest cases of nonfatal work illness and injuries.

Physical hazards

Repositioning and transferring patients and working in uncomfortable positions are examples of physical hazards in the medical industry. Health care workers need help to lift obese patients to keep from injuring themselves.

Mental health hazards

Those in the medical field must take care of their mental health and physical health. Working conditions that could endanger a worker’s mental health include:

  • Witnessing death and suffering
  • Experiencing emotional and stressful situations while taking care of patients
  • Navigating the pressures of family, patient and employer relationships
  • Working long shifts
  • Bearing financial strain and unpredictable work

Another way health care workers may damage their mental health is by putting their patients’ needs before their own.

Pay close attention to how your mind and body feel while on the clock. You could qualify for workers’ comp and not realize it.