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3 signs that you are in a toxic work environment

Your mental well-being deserves protection from undue stress and hostile peers in the workplace. If you feel a sense of dread when you commute to the office each day, you might be dealing with a legitimately toxic work environment.

After observing some common signs of a toxic workplace, you may decide to take legal action and pursue a workers’ compensation claim or psychiatric claim.


Harassment and bullying can take many forms that you may not properly perceive at first. While verbal harassment and physical harassment are usually apparent immediately, psychological abuse can be a slow burn that affects you imperceptibly over time. This can eventually lead to an emotional work injury that warrants legal compensation.


Any unfair treatment based on race, sex, disability or other personal characteristics is blatantly discriminatory. If you are the target of discrimination in the workplace, you can file a complaint under the protection of California discrimination laws.

Disregard for personal time

Management at your place of work may be guilty of facilitating toxicity if they exhibit a clear disregard for your work-life balance. This can manifest in pressuring you to skip breaks or by placing unrealistic deadlines on your projects. This can be particularly unhealthy if you feel forced to work overtime without receiving appropriate compensation.

Toxicity in your workplace might exist among your coworkers or even in the management above you. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand your rights when filing a claim for any mental or emotional damage you sustain in your toxic work environment.