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The 5 most common types of workplace injuries

There are more ways to get hurt on the job than workers realize. While workers might immediately see the danger in slips, trips and falls, these accidents only represent a small portion of the workplace hazards that must be avoided in every occupation on every shift.

Depending on the workplace and the general definition of duties, the danger for on the job injuries can differ greatly from occupation to occupation. However, in light of this, there are five common categories of injuries that workers must protect themselves from.

  • Strains and sprains: These types of injuries account for 30% of the claims in the Travelers Companies, Inc. Injury Impact Report. This category can include injuries related to muscle strains caused by lifting a heavy object or sprains that result from the repetitive stress of performing the same function over and over for years.
  • Cuts and punctures: Accounting for 19% of the claims in the injury report, cuts and punctures cover a broad range of injuries and types of accidents. Additionally, these injuries can lead to unintended consequences such as tissue death, infection and amputation.
  • Contusions: Many workers suffer crush injuries on the job. From being struck by falling objects to being pinched between pieces of heavy machinery, contusions account for 12% of workers’ compensation injury claims.
  • Inflammation: 5% of the total number of claims studied included an element of inflammation. Whether it is caused by contact dermatitis, allergens or other toxic exposure, inflammation can lead to serious conditions.
  • Fractures: Serious falls, vehicle accidents and falling debris can lead to broken bones. These types of injuries accounted for 5% of the claims during the period studied.

Workers might spend months, years or decades on the job without suffering from a workplace injury. When an accident occurs, however, it could be serious enough to lead to catastrophic injuries. These injuries could make it difficult for victims to maintain gainful employment and face financial peril in the form of mounting medical debt. Do not hesitate to explore your options for monetary compensation.