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How do you know if you are losing your hearing?

A painful injury at work may cause an abrupt loss of hearing. However, sometimes work environments gradually erode your ability to hear. It might take a while to notice difficulties hearing other people or the world around you.

Being aware of signs of gradual hearing loss is essential for timely intervention and management, as well as seeking any workers’ compensation you are eligible for.

Problems communicating

A common indicator of steady hearing loss is difficulty conversing with other people. You might have problems following discussions. You may misunderstand a friend or relative you are speaking with. These problems can result from a reduced ability to detect higher-pitched sounds, which generally carry consonants that help distinguish speech.

Additionally, you could frequently ask other people to repeat themselves. This is because hearing loss can cause you to miss certain sounds or parts of a word.

Turning up the volume

Diminished hearing could also reduce your perception of lower-pitched sounds. As a result, you may turn up the volume on your television, radio or any electronic device you like to use. You might not notice it, but eventually, someone in the same room as you or even a neighbor might complain about the loudness of the volume.


After a sudden loud noise, some people experience a ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears. However, you might also experience tinnitus if you have steady hearing loss. This can be a more conspicuous sign if coupled with other hearing difficulties.

Recognizing the signs of gradual hearing loss is essential for taking proactive steps to manage this condition. Also, if you can link your hearing loss to a work environment, workers’ compensation could be an option for you.