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Protecting The Rights Of Workplace Car Accident Victims

An accident that occurs at work while driving can be a legally complex case. These motor vehicle accident cases are challenging because they often involve multiple parties, insurance providers and the intersection of personal injury and workers’ compensation law. At Kiwan & Chambers, APC, we work to make the legal process simple so that our injured clients can focus on healing.

If you were hurt in a car accident while working, don’t hesitate to contact our San Diego office to schedule your free consultation. In your first meeting, we will answer your questions and determine whether we can help your case. We focus solely on workers’ compensation law, which gives us the experience to help clients decide their next steps efficiently. Call us now at 619-369-3504 to schedule your free consultation.

Decades Of Experience With Complex Workers’ Compensation Cases

Our firm’s history of handling workers’ compensation cases shows that we understand how to resolve complex issues successfully. When it comes to complicated work-related car accidents, we will aggressively work to overcome claim denials and challenges. Our attorneys are knowledgeable litigators who do not back down from challenging cases.

We diligently represent workers injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those who do not usually drive as part of their job duties. If you were injured while going to a work-related function, you deserve to get workers’ compensation. We will closely investigate the facts of your case and determine if a claim will be possible.

Get Immediate Help In A Free Consultation

There are strict time limits involved in a workers’ compensation case, so do not wait to get help. Please call us at 619-369-3504 or use the contact form to schedule your free consultation. Se habla español.