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Risks educators face at work

If you are a teacher, trainer or librarian, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the risks that you face in the workplace. Although some people assume that these fields do not present many dangers, at least in comparison to other jobs such as construction, educators encounter many different risks while performing their job duties.

If you become hurt at work, the accident could disrupt your life. You could face serious physical, emotional and financial problems. It is crucial to go over potential risks and the prevalence of these accidents.

Workplace risks teachers and other educators encounter

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics goes over some of the different workplace risks that educators face on a daily basis. For example, many educators suffer injuries due to slipping, tripping or falling down at work. Violence involving other people and animals, overexertion and contact with equipment causes many educators to sustain injuries as well. Also, educators can become seriously hurt or killed in accidents related to transportation.

The prevalence of workplace accidents involving educators

The BLS reports that over the course of 2014, more than 36,500 nonfatal injuries and illnesses resulting in time off work affected educators. 42% of these incidents involved slips, trips or falls while performing job duties, and 24% involved violence. In fact, some of these incidents prove fatal.

If you become hurt while working as an educator, it is crucial to explore various resources that could help you piece your life together, such as workers’ compensation benefits.