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Three signs of an untreated repetitive stress injury caused by workplace conditions

As the name suggests, repetitive stress injuries happen due to someone repeating the same motion. Unfortunately, many workers do this because of the demands of their jobs.

While some may falsely believe that repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) do not cause significant damage, this is far from true. It is important to diagnose these injuries quickly and seek medical attention to prevent long-term damage from happening.

Healthline discusses the damage that repetitive stress injuries may cause. In short, RSIs cause inflammation and swelling in the affected area. This can lead to pinched blood vessels that decrease the circulation and cut off the air supply. It can also cause pinched nerves, which can lead to nerve pain and trouble with motor skills. When looking for an RSI, keep an eye out for the following three signs.

The first sign will usually come in the form of an altered sensation in the injured area. This may include a feeling of tenderness or aching and throbbing. The area may also experience tingling or numbness, which points to the possibility of nerve damage.

Second, the range of motion of the affected area will likely see a great reduction. The victim may no longer have a full range of motion. For example, they may not have the ability to fully extend their arm anymore if their elbow suffered from an RSI.

Third, the injury could feel uncomfortable or painful even when not engaged in motion. Pain at rest could indicate a more severe RSI that might require even more immediate treatment.

In California, RSIs are typically covered by workers’ compensation when you can show that your work was a contributing cause of the injury.