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Reducing your risk of injury when you fall at work

Falling is a leading cause of back and head injuries at work. These injuries are common partially because people do not learn how to fall safely. When you take an active role in the way that your body moves when you fall, you may reduce your risk of severe injuries and the need for long-term workers’ compensation.

Here are a few key steps to consider before you fall.

Relax your body as much as you can

Normal instinct is to stiffen and tense your body in response to a fall. The resulting tension in your muscles makes it harder for your body to absorb impact and minimize injury. Relax your body as much as you can so that you are more flexible when you land.

Protect your head

Head injuries as a result of a fall are often significant and have long-term complications. When you fall at work, the risk of striking your head on a concrete or tile floor in a commercial building can lead to serious injury concerns. Keep your head as protected as possible, tucking it to your chest if you can to keep it from hitting the floor.

Let momentum dissipate

While your first reaction might be to bring yourself to a solid stop and landing when you fall, you may want to allow your body to roll if you fall with some momentum. Avoid rolling into desks or pillars, because that can worsen your injuries but allowing your body movement to slow naturally may add some protection.

Safe falling techniques help protect your body and reduce your risk of injury.