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What are possible warning signs from a back injury?

Performing the same actions in your workplace day after day can lead to repetitive stress injuries. For example, constantly lifting heavy items at your job could injure your back and create constant pain. Sometimes a back injury produces additional and troubling symptoms.

Employees can seek workers’ compensation for repetitive motion injuries, including a back injury. Getting coverage as soon as possible may help you receive treatment for your condition and find out if your injury is more serious than you had first thought.

Examples of concerning symptoms

The Mayo Clinic explains that many people generally see their back pain improve after a few weeks. However, if back pain persists even after treatment or rest does not lessen the severity of the pain, you may have evidence of a more serious condition.

Serious back pain can exhibit other troubling signs. You may have a problem if your pain spreads down one or both of your legs. Your back injury could also produce tingles or numb feelings in your legs. Some back pain patients lose weight for no apparent reason.

Be aware of your options

The circumstances of your injury are also important to keep in mind. While you may have suffered a repetitive stress injury, other situations, such as a fall, could further damage your health. So if you have fallen recently at your workplace or due to your job activity, you should take that into consideration when you speak to your physician.

When you have sustained a work-related injury that impairs your ability to earn a living, investigating your options under the state workers’ compensation system may help you receive coverage to help you get back on your feet.