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Returning to work while you heal from an injury

Healing from a work-related injury takes time and might require you to step away from your job. Waiting through your recovery may test your patience and ignite a strong desire to return to the workforce.

With the right support, you may have the option of going back to your job while you continue to heal. Resuming your job as soon as possible can improve your morale and help you retain critical skills.


From the onset of an injury, communicate regularly with your employer. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workplace injuries can impact your finances, mental health and overall quality of life. The sooner you can resume your job, the better you can control and minimize these repercussions.

Inform your employer of your desire to return to work. Discuss your options including shortened working hours, increased break time, modified tasks and maybe even a temporary role change. With your employer’s support, you might have the option to resume your job in some capacity without jeopardizing your workers’ compensation benefits.


Prioritize your goals for your recovery and your career. Think rationally about how your injury will impact your ability to work in both the short term and the long term. Make it a point to listen to your health care provider, doing everything you can to encourage recovery and achieve optimal function.

Taking your time to heal and seeking ways to stay involved at work can make a considerable difference in your ability to achieve an effective and complete recovery.