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3 matters to discuss with your workers’ comp doctor

Your workers’ compensation doctor diagnosis your work-related injury. He or she may also refer you to other doctors and rehabilitation specialists who can help you recover. To do these jobs effectively, though, your doctor needs some information from you. 

Because physicians can be intimidating, you may want to develop an appointment plan. Part of this plan is identifying which matters to discuss with your workers’ comp doctor. Here are three essential ones. 

1. Pain levels

Whether you have an acute or chronic injury, you are apt to experience some discomfort. Your doctor should know about your pain levels. 

When discussing pain, be sure to inform your physician about anything that makes the pain improve or worsen. If the doctor prescribes pain medication, tell him or her how your body responds to it. 

2. Life limitations

Your workers’ comp doctor evaluates when and how you may return to work. Accordingly, you should tell your doctor how your injury is likely to interfere with your job duties. You should not stop there, though. 

Instead, notify your physician of any lifestyle limitations you face after your injury. Remember, if you have difficulty performing ordinary tasks, you are not likely to be able to do your job. 

3. Symptoms and side effects

During your recovery, your symptoms may improve and worsen. You may also have side effects to medication or medical procedures. Therefore, you should keep a journal about what you experience. 

When you meet with your worker’s comp doctor, use your journal to discuss symptoms and side effects. By bringing up all your concerns, you improve your chances of receiving the compensation you need to recover completely.